Hinweis für trocken vorgeladene Motorradbatterien mit Säurepack

Ab dem 01. Februar 2021 ist der Verkauf von Schwefelsäure an Privatpersonen gemäß EU-Verordnung (2019/1148) verboten. Dadurch ist auch der Verkauf von Motorradbatterien mit separatem Säurepack, wie bei den Classic-Modellreihen, nicht mehr möglich.

Holen Sie sich jetzt die passende Alternative

Motorcycle batteries

Sun, road and engine sounds - pure freedom on the motorbike! But nothing works without the right battery. In this category you will find everything for motorbikes: maintenance-free AGM batteries and gel batteries, the extremely light LiFePo4 accumulators and of course acid batteries for classic cars. For particularly powerful machines, you will find the HVT range from intAct, these vibration-resistant accumulators will make any machine purr. So there is nothing to stand in the way of the next tour on your beloved two-wheeler!


Buying batteries without the right charger? Not a good idea, because every battery is only as good as its charger itself. High-quality chargers with specially adapted charge and discharge cycles from CTEK, Votronic and other manufacturers can be found in this category. You will also find the right device for LiFePo4 accumulators here. And should you ever leave the light on - our starter boxes will help you out of trouble on the road!

Car batteries

High-quality car with inferior battery? Not from us: Whether conventional starter batteries, modern start-stop batteries or vintage car batteries in original hard rubber look, you will find powerful and reliable wet/acid and AGM batteries in our range. The manufacturers intAct and Exide are our preferred suppliers, because quality and safety are top priorities for the Germans' favourite means of transport. Modern valve technology in the Exide Premium range, for example, prevents batteries from leaking immediately when upside down.


With our radios, your communication is always the best. Whether you are looking for a professional aircraft radio or a ground station - you will find it here! But we don't only have a wide range for aviation in our assortment, you will also find radios for professional radio operators in authorities, cities or municipalities as well as Bluetooth headsets for motorcyclists including pillion/socia in this category. We wish you a lot of fun with the interference-free alternatives to the telephone!

Buy reliable batteries at ACCU-24 at a great price

In our online shop you will find high-quality batteries for every need. Our extensive range offers a large selection of starter batteries for cars, trucks and motorbikes, supply batteries for motor homes and solar systems, traction batteries for golf carts and e-bikes, as well as device batteries for door locking systems or hearing aids. The matching accessories and chargers can be found in the Charging & Starting category.

We are happy to help you in your search for the right battery. We offer two technologies in particular: Lead batteries (wet/acid, lead/AGM or lead/gel) and lithium batteries. Several questions arise for the layman here, such as: What is an AGM battery? What are the advantages of the lithium battery?

The lithium battery contains the most modern technology on the battery market. It is extremely light, offers a higher usable capacity, a long service life and short charging times. However, its performance is reflected in its price. In addition, these batteries require special chargers, which you can find in our Charging & Starting category.

The AGM battery, on the other hand, is more attractively priced. You only need a standard charger with the right charging voltage. However, unlike the lithium battery, it has a high weight and its capacity is not fully usable.

When buying a battery, you have to pay attention to the right capacity and dimensions. You can find these either in the manual of the vehicle or the device or on the parameters of the old battery. You must also pay attention to the short-circuit current of the battery so that the starting process can run smoothly. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

Everything about charging & starting

While most people give a lot of thought to the purchase of a battery, the subject of chargers is often forgotten. However, you should not disregard this topic, because every battery needs to be charged at some point. In addition, the following applies: The best battery can only be as good as its charger. Since every accumulator requires special charging and discharging cycles, a high-quality charger helps to fully utilise the life and performance of a battery. For lithium batteries, for example, charging without a battery management system in the charger is unthinkable. You can find chargers for vehicle batteries in our Charging & Starting section.

If the battery does fail, you will also find starting boxes for car and motorbike starter batteries in our Charging & Starting section. These can be easily stowed in the luggage compartment so that no other vehicle is needed to bridge the gap if the car breaks down. The simple handling makes it possible for even a layman to quickly fix the unwanted problem.

Aviation and AIRBATT

Aviation has a high priority in our company. Company owner Thomas Menzel is himself an enthusiastic glider pilot and motor pilot with decades of flying experience and therefore knows in detail the high demands placed on aviation products. The comprehensive range of products in our shop for aviation batteries and accessories is oriented towards the equipment of gliders, motorised and ultra-light aircraft and balloons. Therefore, you will find products of renowned brands in addition to the products of our own brand AIRBATT, which ensure the safety of on-board power supply and communication.

AIRBATT's own online shop focuses on batteries and starting aids for aircraft power supply and on-board power supply as well as charging technology in the form of solar modules or buffer batteries in aircraft trailers. We also stock high-quality ground stations and handheld radios as well as accessories and airfield equipment for winches, Lepo or launch trolleys.

AIRBATT manufactures special batteries for every type of aircraft with tail battery. This worldwide unique assembly is installed as original equipment by almost all well-known German glider manufacturers.

Island systems for private individuals - solar technology

In 2019, 42.1% of gross electricity consumption in Germany was generated by renewable energies (source: Federal Environment Agency). Why not generate electricity privately using solar energy? You will find attractive solutions for domestic use in our "Solar" section. The solar sets, consisting of battery, solar cell and solar controller, offer a simple solution for an autonomous power supply. For example, you can install it on the gazebo or provide green energy on the go. The battery is charged by the solar cell. Since the solar radiation has a different intensity, a solar charge controller with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) is necessary for maximum effectiveness, because this regulates the charging voltage for the battery accordingly.

Radio technology - communication solutions for everyone

As aviation is of particular importance to our company, professional aircraft radios, built-in radios as well as ground stations and transponders are an integral part of our product range. Spare batteries for ELT and emergency transmitters complete this range.

However, radios are nowadays not only an easy alternative for the perfect connection in aviation. Operational radio operators in authorities, cities or municipalities also use them as a trouble-free alternative to the telephone, and motorcyclists use them as a means of communication with their passengers or colleagues. Therefore, in our "Radio" section, you will find professional radios for aviation as well as radios for various applications and accessories such as the matching belt clip, a stable loudspeaker microphone, in-ear solutions, charging cables and spare batteries.

Our battery accessories at a glance

The selection of accessories in our shop covers a wide range. In addition to special cables, plugs, sockets/couplings for connecting a battery, we also stock various battery pole adapters such as A-poles, battery pole separators, thin poles, battery clamps, front connectors, pole clamps and quick connectors.

Safety and protection of the battery are very important to our company. Therefore, we carry pole grease, pole caps and also fuses to protect the battery. Technical safety and protection against deep discharge are provided by the ACCU-24 Battery Balancer and the Bluetooth Battery-Guard from IntAct. While the battery balancer prevents the cells from running apart or drifting during charging by adding resistors, the Bluetooth Battery-Guard and the associated free app allow you to check the battery charge level quickly and easily via your smartphone.

Our battery testers from CTEK, MAWEK, AIRBATT and NOVITEC are the perfect diagnostic devices for home, car workshops, car dealerships or airports. They check the condition of the battery and provide information about necessary measures without putting additional strain on the battery.

Especially in our solar accessories section, we carry roof bushings and the matching adhesives and mounting systems. The waterproof bushings enable you to install the solar cell on the roof of a car or motor home and thus to benefit from green energy while on the move. You will also find sine wave inverters in this category. The inverters allow you to connect 230 V devices to a 12 V battery.

Green and white lifesavers - emergency lights and replacement batteries

Emergency lights can be found in every public building or place of assembly because they are part of the safety guidance system. They are used for orientation in case of danger: The accumulators in the lights can save lives, as they maintain the light supply in case of power failure. Automatic switching from normal to emergency operation is ensured by the built-in ballast. For this reason, we source our emergency lighting equipment only from renowned manufacturers such as Gessler, Fluolight, CEAG, Eckerle and RZB. In our emergency lights section, you will find the necessary illuminants, lamps, batteries and ballasts - so that nothing stands in the way of your safety.

Renowned manufacturers

Batteries can pose a safety risk if attention is not paid to high quality standards. That's why we only source our batteries from renowned manufacturers who score points with many years of experience on the battery market as well as innovative solutions. Our most important manufacturers are AIRBATT, Exide Technologies, IntAct and Multipower.

As ACCU-24's own brand, AIRBATT occupies a special position in our range. This brand, made by pilots for pilots, manufactures customised batteries for every type of aircraft with a tail battery. As the world's only manufacturer of this type of tail battery, AIRBATT made a name for itself in the aviation industry and is now the original equipment manufacturer for Schempp-Hirth, DG Flugzeugbau, Alexander Schleicher and Jonker Sailplanes. The high quality of the products is the result of the company's own experience in aviation and thus guarantees reliability and safety in every situation.

The Exide Technologies group of companies (formerly Sonnenschein) has 120 years of experience in the battery business and is regarded as a pioneer of industrial progress around the world. It is constantly working to reduce the risk of temporary interruptions to the power supply. Due to the high-quality and innovative product technology and the well thought-out battery recycling system, it is considered one of the most successful companies in the field of battery production. The product range includes starter, traction and supply batteries in various technologies.

The manufacturer IntAct is our first address for starter and industrial batteries. The Memmingen-based company, which was founded in the 1970s, focuses on quality and continuous development at a high technical level. The resulting many years of experience are reflected today in award-winning quality standards.

Multipower also scores with experience: the company was founded in 1982. Since then, it has focused on sustainability and care, making its accumulators ideal power suppliers for security and alarm technology, emergency power supply, medical technology, for industry as well as for the leisure/hobby and sports sector. They are considered to be particularly safe, reliable, efficient and inexpensive.

Batteries & Chargers - mobile power for aircrafts, motorcycle & Co


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